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Brand and characteristics of Chinese nickel base alloy wire mesh

Brand and characteristics of Chinese nickel base alloy wire mesh

The so-called nickel base alloy refers to the alloy based on nickel and added with other metals, such as tungsten, cobalt, titanium, iron and other metals. There are many kinds of nickel base alloys according to different methods. According to the matrix, nickel base alloy can be divided into iron base superalloy, nickel base superalloy and cobalt base superalloy. The nickel base superalloy can also be referred to as nickel base alloy. In addition, nickel base alloys can also be divided into: nickel base heat-resistant alloy, nickel base corrosion-resistant alloy, nickel base wear-resistant alloy, nickel base precision alloy and nickel base shape memory alloy.

Material of nickel base alloy:

1. Incoloy alloy, such as Incoloy800, mainly consists of 32ni-21cr-ti, Al, which belongs to heat-resistant alloy;

2. Inconel alloy, such as Inconel 600, mainly consists of 73ni-15cr-ti, Al, which belongs to heat-resistant alloy;

3. Hastelloy alloy, i.e. Hastelloy alloy, such as Hastelloy C-276, mainly composed of 56ni-16cr-16mo-4w, is a corrosion-resistant alloy;

4. Monel alloy, i.e. Monel alloy, such as Monel 400, mainly consists of 65ni-34cu, which is a corrosion-resistant alloy.

Nickel base superalloy brand: China brand: solution strengthened nickel base superalloy gh3007 (gh5k); GH3030 (GH30); gh3039 (GH39); GH3044 (gh44); gh3128 (gh128); gh3170 (gh170); GH3536 (GH536); GH3600 (GH600); gh3625 (GH625); gh3652 (gh652).

China brand:

GH3007(GH5K);GH3030(GH30);GH3039(GH39);GH3044(GH44);GH3128(GH128); GH3170(GH170);GH3536(GH536);GH3600(GH600);GH3625(GH625);GH3652(GH652);

GH4033(GH33);GH4037(GH37);GH4049(GH49);GH4080A(GH80A);GH4090(GH90); GH4093(GH93);GH4098(GH98);GH4099(GH99);GH4105(GH105);GH4133(GH33A); GH4133B;GH4141(GH141);GH4145(GH145);GH4163(GH163);GH4169(GH169); GH4199(GH199);GH4202(GH202);GH4220(GH220);GH4413(GH413);GH4500(GH500); GH4586(GH586);GH4648(GH648);GH469 8(GH698);GH4708(GH708);GH4710(GH710);GH4738(GH738;GH684);GH4742(GH742);

Nickel copper (Ni Cu) alloy, also known as Monel alloy (Monel alloy Ni 70 Cu 30); in addition, nickel chromium (Ni Cr) alloy (that is, nickel base heat-resistant alloy, heat-resistant corrosion alloy in corrosion-resistant alloy), nickel molybdenum (Ni Mo) alloy (mainly refers to Hastelloy B Series), nickel chromium molybdenum (Ni Cr Mo) alloy (mainly refers to Hastelloy C Series), etc. At the same time, pure nickel is also a typical representative of nickel base corrosion resistant alloy. These nickel base corrosion-resistant alloys are mainly used in the manufacture of various corrosion-resistant environmental components such as petroleum, chemical, electric power, etc.

Most of the nickel base corrosion resistant alloys have austenite structure. In the state of solution and aging treatment, there are also intermetallic phases and metal carbonitrides on the austenite matrix and grain boundary of the alloy. Various corrosion-resistant alloys are classified according to their composition and characteristics as follows:

The corrosion resistance of Ni Cu alloy in reducing medium is better than that of nickel, while that in oxidizing medium is better than that of copper. It is the best material resistant to high temperature fluorine gas, hydrogen fluoride and hydrofluoric acid without oxygen and oxidant (see metal corrosion).

Ni Cr alloy is also known as nickel base heat-resistant alloy; it is mainly used in oxidizing medium. The corrosion resistance increases with the increase of chromium content. This kind of alloy also has good resistance to hydroxide (such as NaOH, KOH) corrosion and stress corrosion.

Ni Mo alloy is mainly used under the condition of reducing medium corrosion. It is the best alloy that can resist hydrochloric acid corrosion, but its corrosion resistance will decrease significantly in the presence of oxygen and oxidant.

Ni Cr Mo (W) alloy has the properties of Ni Cr alloy and Ni Mo alloy. It is mainly used in the mixed medium of oxidation-reduction. This kind of alloy has good corrosion resistance in high temperature hydrogen fluoride, hydrochloric acid containing oxygen and oxidant, hydrofluoric acid solution and wet chlorine at room temperature.

Ni Cr Mo Cu alloy has the ability of resisting both nitric acid and sulfuric acid corrosion, and also has good corrosion resistance in some oxidation-reduction mixed acids.

Nickel base alloys are used in many fields, such as:

1. Ocean: marine structure of sea environment, desalination, mariculture, heat exchange of sea water, etc.

2. Environmental protection: flue gas desulfurization device of thermal power generation, waste water treatment, etc.

3. Energy field: atomic power generation, comprehensive utilization of coal, tidal power generation, etc.

4. Petrochemical Industry: oil refining, chemical equipment, etc.

5. Food field: salt making, soy sauce brewing, etc.



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